Therapy Services

Adolescence is a challenging season for both teens and their caregivers. Your child is trying to discover who they are and you're simply trying to save them from their bad decisions.

But, that's just barely scratching the surface, right?

Raising your teen is exhausting on all levels, you feel like everything you’re doing (or not doing) isn’t helping, and parenting has nearly broken you. And, if that wasn’t enough, you feel completely alone, because your most difficult days parenting your teen don’t even come close to the experiences of other "normal" or "average" families.

I mean, how can they?

You’re trying to survive AND save your teen in the process.

This is where I come in to support you and your child.

Understanding your teen’s behavior is just the foundation of what I provide to each of my clients. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to working with teens and their parents. Each adolescent and parent I work with have their own set of strengths and unique circumstances, therefore each practical tool I provide is tailored to fit the individual need of the family I serve.


When we connect with the existing fears that self-harming presents for teens and families, it supports us to broaden our perspective. We see the bigger picture of what self-harming is because we understand that it’s about managing really big feelings with unhealthy approaches. Through this deeper understanding of what adolescents need, we can create hands-on, concrete approaches that reduce risk and instill hope.


Teen Depression


Overcoming depression can feel like an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be. I help my teens learn how to take hold of their depression, one small step at a time, and how to let go of those negative messages that barricade confidence, courage, and hope.


Teen Anxiety

I help adolescents break free from the hold anxiety has put on them and learn how to work with their anxiety, not against it. My teens learn simple tools that can be used in a variety of settings, are individualized to each person, and are time-sensitive for busy schedules. 




Teens and parents are often surprised that an experience can have such a profound impact. I help my clients understand what trauma is and how it permeates every aspect of their being. Clients are provided with the resources to work within their physical body and confidently navigate the stresses that trauma creates.



The families I work with experience a strong level of mistrust when they first enter therapy. I understand their vulnerability and recognize the importance of providing a space that balances each family member’s perspective with the needs of the whole family.