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Depression looks very different for everyone.

Some adolescents experience intense sadness or crying spells. Others experience complete withdrawal and isolation. Some teens report feeling stuck, lethargic, or flat. Others report agitation, rage, and aggressiveness.

Often times, depression creates suffering, barriers to finding hope, and a suffocating numbness.  I think of depression as a profound disconnect. A disconnect that permeates through every level of a teen's being and relationships.

And, what happens when they experience a disconnect so overwhelming?

They create a protective wall for survival.

When depression overpowers, the wall goes up. It shields from further hurts and vulnerabilities. The wall is effective, to some extent, until it’s not. Because eventually, the sadness intensifies. The isolation becomes a daily thing. You find your teen staying in bed all day. They can’t sleep. They're not eating. And their rage is far beyond  your control.

One Brick at a Time

Some teens are unclear as to what is impacting their sadness or agitation. Others can pinpoint the exact experience or reason. Whether they are unclear or know their “why,” I’m here to support them to remove one brick at a time.

You and your teen don’t have to navigate their depression alone.

I help my clients reconnect by increasing their resources and reducing unnecessary stresses. Often times, we hold onto experiences or things that don’t serve us, and we get stuck in this repetitive cycle that is depression.

Hope that was once lost can be reclaimed.

 I’m here to gently remind teens that they have the power to do things differently and my role is to support them find the core of who they are, their voice, and their motivation. Through tools that help my teens stay present, clients have the opportunity to connect in ways that increase inner resources and cultivate practices that support small steps forward and long-term changes.

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