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Individual Plans

We can’t pour from an empty cup. 

Self-care is an ever-present concept.

We all know the premise. Take care of yourself first, and then support others.

We’ve also heard of the MANY ways to reduce stress, as well as the benefits of self-care.

Maybe you’ve tried different practices and some stuck, while others faded. I could easily review the benefits of self-care or remind you why it’s important to take care of yourself first. But you already know all of this.

So why isn’t self-care a regular practice for most of us?

Time seems to be a culprit.

"I know it’s important, but I just don’t have the time."

I hear this a lot. The reality is that we live in a busy world and the idea of carving out 20 minutes (or more) a day sometimes doesn’t feel realistic, no matter how critical we know self-care is.

Filling Your Cup

The yoga-based practices that I provide give you the opportunity to fill your cup with self-care that is realistic and time-sensitive. I want my clients to feel confident implementing skills that fit their busy schedules and can be squeezed into a quick 5 to 10-minute break.

And yes, there are additional yoga-based practices that are easy to implement with extra time or as your schedule permits.

“What is appealing to me about Christina’s yoga-based service is the special attention she gives to the emotional and mental benefits of yoga practices. The focus of not only the physical healing but emotional healing is unique and gives a sense of comfort and compassion to her clients.

Christina provides the tools through her yoga-based practices to help individuals care for themselves inside and out so they can tackle the world.”
— E.F., Entrepreneur and Mother of 2.


Plans Include

  • An assessment and treatment plan outlining reported needs and concerns

  • Yoga-based skills that can meet the identified needs and concerns.

  • handouts with pictures detailing yoga-based practices.

  • audio recordings of the practices rehearsed in sessions.

Yoga-Based Practices Include

Asana (Posture)

Pranayama (breathing practice)

Mantra (sound)

Bhavana (visualization)

Sankalpa (Intention)

Mudra (Hand gesture)



For more detailed information on these practices, visit my Yoga Practices page here.

Who can Benefit

Professionals can refer their Clients

Professionals can include therapists and medical professionals  who are already providing treatment to clients.

With these referrals, I am providing yoga-based practices that are supplemental to their treatment. I am NOT providing clinical or talk therapy  interventions as a licensed psychotherapist.

If you would like to refer a client or prefer to consult prior to the referral, contact me here.

Individuals Already Connected with outside professionals

Clients include those already connected with a professional who are seeking hands-on and easy to implement yoga-based practices.

Individuals interested in Yoga

Anyone wanting to learn more about yoga and how to implement time sensitive, take-with-you anywhere, simple yoga-based practices.

How are individual  plans different from a yoga class?

So often, this question is posed by clients. Here are some distinctions:

  • Individual plans are provided one-on-one, and not in a larger class environment

  • Individual plans are specific to the individual’s needs and yoga-based practices target these specific need area.

    • For example, if a client reports that they want to reduce anxiety, yoga-based practices will specifically target mood management techniques for anxiety.

  • In a yoga class, generally the focus is on postures.

    • Individual plans integrate breathing practices, posture, sound, hand gestures, visualization, intention and meditation

    • Because individual plans integrate different yoga-based practices, it is easy to transfer these practices into real life situations.

      • For example, if you are feeling anxious at school or work, it is likely that you won't move into a yoga posture, but you could very discreetly use a mudra (hand gesture) to shift the energy in your body.

  • Individual plans provide written hand-outs and audio recordings to take home.

  • Individual plans allow for talking and on-the-spot questions during session(s).

  • Individual plans provide after-hour access to me as their Yoga Practitioner.

Still have more questions?

Please visit my Yoga-Based Services FAQ page or click here.