Yoga Services

What is Yoga?

Yoga provides a space to clear the mind, explore the body, and invites us to work with and regulate our shifting moods.  Yoga encourages us to ground in the present moment through a combination of practices that connect the mind and body and encourages self-inquiry.

The experience of practicing yoga is an invitation to introspectively witness and experience the shifting sensations in our body. It's through this greater awareness that we can explore our wholeness, cultivate an inner calm, and transform our energy.

Individual Plans

Yoga practices are for individuals, families, groups, agencies and organizations, both in the clinical and non-clinical settings, and provide clients with an integrative look into different yoga practices that go beyond breathing and postures.


Group Plans

Group plans are ideal for a group of two to five individuals or families that share a common interest or who are seeking similar outcomes for a specific target area. For example, groups can be formed around reducing stress or meditation practices.



1:1 Consultation

1:1 Consultation provides a comprehensive how-to guide to support private practitioners to expand their practice by incorporating both holistic practices, and mind and body approaches. Professionals receive ongoing support to create an environment to flourish in their practice and support client wellness.