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I like to think of anxiety like waves in the ocean.

Some waves are small, some waves are big, and sometimes we underestimate the size of the wave and it knocks us off our feet. Other times, we see the wave as bigger than it really is. Then there are times when the wave is unforeseeable.

But, waves come and go. They aren’t permanent. They ebb and flow.

Anxiety can overwhelm the mind and body, affect relationships and make it extremely difficult to concentrate on activities or projects. Does your teen experience endless thoughts that overload their mind, tightness that floods their physical body, or a constant tightness in their chest?

Welcome your teen's anxiety. Get to know it.

My experience has been that once teens understand the size of the wave they’re working with, they are better equipped to ride the wave. They learn to move with it, not against it. And every wave no longer feels like a tsunami.

I know this sounds counterproductive to what you might be thinking and extremely scary, but helping teens understand how anxiety affects their mind and their physical body is important. And yes, it isn’t always a comfortable process.

I assure you that once they take control of their anxiety, their anxiety will reduce over time and it won't have the same power to control them.

Soften your eyes for a moment and imagine a quiet mind and a calm energy flowing through your body. Picture yourself completing daily projects, managing your anxiety and letting go of unnecessary stresses. Do you sense a change in your mind or body?

This looks different for every teen.

I provide my clients with individualized tools to do this, but the first step is always the same. Welcome and acknowledge your anxiety, and how it affects you. If you don’t understand your anxiety, you can’t possibly begin to diminish its power over you. And then, it can get easier over time to meet your anxiety where it is.

Trusting that you have the right equipment.

My hope is that my clients find the confidence to challenge their anxiety by setting more effective boundaries for what their anxiety can no longer do or control. I understand that what works for one teen's anxiety doesn’t necessarily work with another teen’s anxiety, and that’s why I personalize each client’s toolbox with different coping skills to overcome, and work with their anxiety.

My approach to treating anxiety combines traditional talk therapy with yoga-based practices to support teens to understand the size of each wave, not only in terms of size, but also how each wave impacts the mind and body. 

I make every effort to ensure that clients leave therapy with a strong foundation to ride each passing wave using effective tools that work with the mind and body, that alleviate anxiety in the moment, adapt to different environments, and create a confidence that allows each teen to understand and tackle their anxiety with ease.

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