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Group Plans

Connection is a fundamental human need.

We want to share our experiences and participate in the experiences of others. We want to know that we’re not alone.

And we want to know that others support us whether we’re happy, sad, experiencing pain, or anger.

Connection is what unites us with others and what brings people together to work toward a common goal.

Often times, it can also be a force of motivation and strength.

Group plans were designed with these concepts of connection in mind and focus on the goals of the individuals comprising the group or family.

It is my hope that groups can cultivate a sacred container for self-acceptance, inner peace, joy, empathy and community.



Plans Include

  • A brief assessment that is conducted prior to the start of the group

  • Group participants are provided with written group objectives

  • Yoga-based skills that can meet the identified needs and concerns of the Group

  • handouts with pictures detailing yoga-based practices.

  • audio recordings of the practices rehearsed in sessions (if applicable).

Examples of Groups


Mood Management For Anxiety or depression

Learning Chakra Clearing Practices

Learning and Integrating Mudras (Hand Gestures)

Meditation Practice

self-awareness and Self-Inquiry

Yoga-Based Practices Include

Asana (Posture)

Pranayama (breathing practice)

Mantra (sound)

Bhavana (visualization)

Sankalpa (Intention)

Mudra (Hand gesture)



For more detailed information on these practices, visit my Yoga Practices page here.

Who can Benefit


Professionals Referring Families

Professionals can include, but are not limited to, Therapists and other medical professionals already providing treatment to families.

Under these referrals, I am providing yoga-based practices that are supplemental to family treatment, and NOT providing clinical or talk therapy interventions as a Licensed Psychotherapist.

If you would like to refer a family or prefer to consult prior to the referral, contact me here.


Families Already Connected with outside professionals

Groups include those families who are seeking hands-on and easy to implement yoga-based practices.


Individuals interested in Yoga who want to practice together

These groups can include friends or acquaintances who share a common goal or interest or want to learn more about yoga-based practices.

How are group  plans different from a yoga class?

So often, this question is posed by clients. Here are some distinctions:

  • Group plans provide more attention to each individual participating.

    • Yoga Teachers have to teach a class of students and can't always provide individualized attention.

  • Group plans are specific to the group’s identified concerns and yoga-based practices target these specific need areas.

    • For example, if a group is formed to reduce depression, yoga-based practices that reduce depression will be provided.

  • In a yoga class, generally the focus is on postures.

    • Group plans integrate breathing practices, posture, sound, hand gestures, visualization, intention and meditation

    • Because group plans integrate different yoga-based practices, it is easy to transfer these practices into real life situations.

      • For example, if you are feeling sad or lethargic at school or work, it is likely that you won't move into a yoga posture, but you could very discreetly use a mudra (hand gesture) or breathing practice to shift the energy in your body.

  • Group plans provide written hand-outs and audio recordings to take home.

  • Group plans allow for talking and on-the-spot questions during session(s).

  • Group plans provide after-hour access to me as their Yoga Practitioner.

Still have more questions?

Please visit my Yoga-Based Services FAQ page or click here.