Yoga Services

Yoga Practices. Individual Plans. Group Plans.

1:1 Consultation

1:1 Consultation is designed for individual practitioners who want professional recommendations on how to integrate yoga-based practices into their work.

Professionals will receive

Guidance on how to incorporate a more holistic, mind and body treatment approach with clients.

Vision sessions to move concepts and ideas from start to finish including implementation strategies.

Support on how to create client buy-in and create a comfortable working environment for clients.

Resources that supplement practice development and implementation of yoga-based practices. 

Hands-on, concrete rehearsal strategies to build confidence with yoga-based practices.

Ongoing consultation support between mentoring sessions.

There are 3 consultation packages to choose from based on your practice and individual needs:


1 Session (90 minutes)


3 Sessions (90 minutes each)


5 Sessions (90 minutes each)

Still have more questions?

Please visit my Yoga-Based Services FAQ page or click here.